FINALLY! A Natural & Effective Solution For Your Intestinal Health


IntestiClear™ - Advanced Intestinal Support 1 Bottle rejuvica IC-1-RS
34.00 USD
IntestiClear™ - Advanced Intestinal Support 2 Bottles rejuvica IC-2-RS
60.00 USD
IntestiClear™ - Advanced Intestinal Support 3 Bottles rejuvica IC-3-RS
86.00 USD
IntestiClear™ - Advanced Intestinal Support 6 Bottles rejuvica IC-6-RS
162.00 USD


Never run out of IntestiClear!
Convenient monthly autoshipment program
to support a healthy intestianl tract.

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Dangerous Intestinal Invaders Can Wreak Havok on Your Health!

They keep you feeling sluggish, bloated, and tired. IntestiClear contains powerful and fast-acting ingredients that help support your intestines.

Feeling Bloated?

Many of our customers choose IntestiClear because they have intestinal issues, which irritates your stomach and makes you feel sluggish. IntestiClear helps keep your stomach happy. Many notice these effects in just days!*

Liver Support Is So Important & Often Ignored!

So many formulas forget that the liver is responsible for cleansing your whole body, and it helps to give it an extra boost when you’re supporting your intestines - that’s why IntestiClear includes additional liver-support ingredients!*


Wormwood Herb, Clove Buds, Black Walnut Hull, Chanca Piedra Leaves and Stems, Gentian Root, Ginger Bulb, Garlic Bulb.

Our proprietary, industry-leading, multistage liquid tincture process, macerates, brews, and extracts herbs according to their unique characteristics to ensure potency.

60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
or Your Money Back!

We're so confident you'll find what you're looking for with Intesticlear that we offer a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you're unsatisfied with Prostavec for whatever reason, simply send the bottle back for a full refund.

Why should you trust Rejuvica with your hard-earned money?

Instead of cramming all these ingredients in an ointment that was thrown together somewhere in China, Intesticlear is crafted under the guidance of a trained herbalist right here in the USA. Plus, with our premium value-bundles, you can add an extra bottle to your order to save money AND give yourself the best chance of achieving long-term success.

Get The Relief You Deserve With Intesticlear!

We here at Rejuvica Health™ are deeply committed to your success, if you ever have any questions regarding your purchase we encourage you to email us at: or call us at (949) 627-4822

Make sure to include "Intesticlear" in your subject and we will make sure to provide our best recommendation for success.

When all is said and done, what we care about is the success of you and the thousands of our other clients.

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