Rejuvica settles with FTC, continues commitment to customer well-being

Released: 7/19/23

Rejuvica, a member of the health and wellness space for nearly a decade, has come to a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to conclude an ongoing inquiry.

We disagree with the FTC’s allegations and deny violating the law, but this settlement resolves this matter. We maintain our commitment to ensuring the highest quality, safety, and integrity in all our products and health information. We believe this is the reason we have maintained popularity and stellar customer feedback over our years as a small business.

Throughout this process, Rejuvica cooperated fully with the FTC, providing documents and clarifications to aid the investigation. We believe that this agreement is in the best interest of our customers as it allows us greater room to serve customers and develop more top-quality products in natural health.

We take all regulatory matters seriously and while our industry is fast changing and highly competitive we remain committed to the highest standard when it comes to customer safety, effectiveness, and information.

Our mission at Rejuvica has always been to enhance the health and well-being of our customers through our products. Our customers will always be our greatest asset, and their trust is something we value immensely.

Our team at Rejuvica appreciates the ongoing support of our customers, old and new.

As it has always been, we appreciate the opportunity to serve you with a diverse range of natural supplements designed to foster your health and wellness.

Please contact for any questions, comments, or concerns.