WATCH: Eye popping, stomach churning, hair raising presentation about the slimy supplement industry and the pill-pushing establishment.

This information could save you from years of nagging poor health, frustration and "money flushed down the toilet”*

"This presentation blows the lid off of all of it and I promise you won’t find this info anywhere else. The only reason I know this stuff is because I have seen and worked behind the scenes in this industry. Now it’s time to share this information with you, our valued customer, so you can protect yourself and your family from those who cut corners when your health is at stake."
-Kyle Armstrong, Founder & CEO of Rejuvica Health

Raw Ingredients: Wild-Crafted Herbs from Farmers We Trust 

“Wild-Crafted” means the herbs were grown in their natural environment, without any help from human hands or additives (like pesticides, herbicides, detergents, or any other harmful chemicals). The only reason you hear about “organic” and not “Wild Crafted” is because there's no way to make money certifying a wild field or forest for it to be considered “wild,” so most suppliers opt for organic instead.

We DON’T Boil or Light Our Herbs on Fire like Many Other Liquid Herbal Manufacturers

The worst of both worlds is boiling herbs in a hot alcohol solution. In our opinion, this is a crude and inferior herbal brewing process. It can literally BURN the plant material, along with all those powerful alkaloids that give you the health benefits you wanted in the first place! Instead of boiling, we slow-brew our herbs in constantly circulating glycerin for at least TWO days in order to get the most out of each and every herb. By brewing herbs separately and then mixing them together, we can get the maximum botanical expression out of each plant combination, meaning you get the maximum amount of health benefits.

We’ll NEVER Sign You up For a Re-Order Subscription Without Your Permission

 In fact, we didn’t have a re-order subscription program for YEARS because our supply of herbs from the best farmers would go out of stock every season. Because of this, we thought it would be pretty difficult to have a guaranteed supply year round for our customers. But now, we have a VIP list of customers that receive part of a reserved supply as a monthly subscription.
(Send us an email to see if there are any available spots on the VIP list!)

We Use a TON of Herbs, Even Though We Don’t Have To

Did you know companies don’t have to disclose how much herbs they use in their products? That’s because the FDA doesn’t have any rules for this. This allows companies to dilute their product and sell you a less concentrated, but more profitable version of it. But not us. Our products consistently outperform similar formulas, and it's easy to feel and taste the difference, too.

We DON’T Use Binders, Fillers, or Preservatives. Ever. 

Capsules often contain “fillers,” like silicon dioxide and magnesium stearate, while liquids usually contain a whole host of preservatives. But our products don’t need that. We manage to get great shelf life through the power of glycerin. It also helps that our average time from brewing to consumption is only 6 weeks. One of the benefits of being popular!

We Buy the WHOLE Herb, Send it in for Quality Control Testing, and THEN Macerate it

If it was as easy as buying a bag of powdered herbs and stirring in water, everyone would have great customer feedback like us, right? But that's not the way to get the best results. You need to tear up the whole herb in the factory, and brew it right after. This minimizes oxidation of important compounds, and prevents any of our suppliers from slipping in fillers just so they can make more money. It's amazing to see the lengths you have to go in order to make a high-quality product; you have to watch everyone and always check for yourself!  

Our Formulas Taste Better and Stronger

Just to prove to ourselves and others that we had the best tasting formulas, we asked master Sommelier, James Stantangello, to participate in a blind taste test between our product and a competitor’s. James is the owner and educator of the Wine Academy of Utah, and has decades of experience. Taste testing, formally called "organoleptic testing" in our industry, is actually reasonably effective at estimating the strength of an herb.

“Rejuvica’s product is more concentrated and intense, has greater botanical characteristics, and is more focused with cleaner flavors, while the competition tasted like tea. Rejuvica’s tastes are full-bodied; it has a sweet spice, and a longer finish.”
- James Stantangello

We Encourage Our Clients to Take More Steps Towards Total Health

We don’t want to just sell you a product and say, “Thanks, see you later!” Most people come to us when things go wrong, or look like they might start to go wrong, and it's our goal to help them get their health back on track in every way possible. This often means adopting a few simple, but healthy habits, while kicking out the bad ones. We encourage them to see that great health is building every day, one step at a time.

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