Make an Lung Support Formula at Home in less than an hour!

(Similar to Rejuvica's Top-Selling Bright Lungs)



Items Needed:

🫕 Instant Pot

⚙️ Pestle or Coffee Grinder

🥛 French Press

🧤 Oven Mitt

🛢️ Glycerin

🍶 2oz Bottle

📐 TBSP Measure


Herbs Used:

🌿 Grindelia Herb (Gumweed)

🌿 Lobella Herb

🌿 Licorice Root

🌿 Wild Cherry Bark

🌿 Turmeric Root

🌿 Mothwort Herb

 2tbsp of each herb!



Step 1: Pour 2tbsp of each herb into a Pestle or Coffee Grinder

Step 2: Grind Herbs until fine powder

Step 3: Fill Instant Pot with water to half line. Pour Herbs in

Step 4: Set Instant Pot to settings below and start!



🍲 Soup/Broth

⏰ 30 Minutes

💨 Low pressure

🔒 Pressure Valve closed

Step 5: Once complete, release pressure and let sit for 30 additional minutes.

Step 6: Pour extraction into French Press and filter out the remains

Step 7: Pour into a 1:1 bottle of Glycerin to Extraction and enjoy!


Water + Glycerin + Plant Material = Rejuvica Advanced Decoction


Make at home or save time and get the potent, pure, and professional version from, amazon, or GNC!


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