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FINALLY! A Nail Growth Serum That Actually Works!

Vutier’s Nail Strengthener is a scientifically researched serum designed with you in mind to get to the root of your brittle and weak nails. Our highly advanced nutraceutical formulation is designed to fortify & strengthen your nails like never before! The secret is in the astonishing power of a little known ingredient called Keratin Growth Factor, or KGF.

Keratin Growth factor is present in the epithelialization phase of wound healing, and form what is known as the epithelium. It is a signaling molecule that binds to fibroblast growth factor receptors, and speeds the process of healing and growth of new cells. What that means for your nails, is our formula targets your nail bed directly at its source, and strengthens your nails in as little as a few weeks!

Our additional groundbreaking ingredient Superoxide dismutase is an enzyme that alternately catalyzes the dismutation of the superoxide radical into ordinary molecular oxygen and hydrogen peroxide. This is your body's MASTER antioxidant, which will make sure your nails continue to stay strong and revitalized day in and day out without the constant cracking, and weak to the touch nails!

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