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We’ve combined several studied, natural, and highly-targeted ingredients to:

  • Help Support Healthy Nerves
  • Address Nerve Discomfort
  • Help Boost Vital Blood Flow

We’ve combined several studied, natural, and highly-targeted ingredients to:

Help Support Healthy Nerves

Address Nerve Discomfort 

Help Boost Vital Blood Flow 

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Nerve discomfort affects almost every aspect of your life.

The sharp pins-and-needles that attacks your hands and feet make life miserable, and all the time wasted on worrying about your health gets you nowhere. It can start to feel like your health is out of your control…

Many are left to accept this never-ending discomfort.

Nervestra™ was expertly-engineered to support nerve health and get you back on your feet FAST!
Nervestra's Potent Formula

Step 1: Increase Blood-Flow with the Super-Nutrient Turmeric (Curcumin)

Turmeric is referenced in more studies than any other natural ingredient, and it’s quickly become a favorite for natural health enthusiasts. It’s benefits seem to be endless, but a new study shined a spotlight on its potential to support healthy blood-flow and circulation:

The study consisted of two groups of people; one group took a Turmeric extract, the other exercised consistently.

After eight weeks: The group that exercised and the group that took Turmeric saw nearly the exact same improvements in circulation and blood flow (FDM).

So along with the myriad of other health benefits, Turmeric may actually encourage healthy blood flow in a way no one thought possible.

Step 2: Help Support Healthy Nerves With Omega Fatty Acids

Nerve cells depend on fat for repair and healthy function, after all, the protective layer surrounding the nerve cell is made of fat.

A 2015 study published in the Journal of Neurophysiology shows that fatty acids may help restore damaged nerves. Researchers also observed that fatty acid’s improved nerve density and sensory signal transmission, and stimulated the growth of new nerve cells.

Step 3: Support Nerve Function & Protection with Spirulina

Spirulina is a blue green algae considered by many to be the most nutrient dense plant on earth, and it’s packed with the high-concentrations of B-vitamins that your nerves need to build the nerve’s protective coating known as the myelin sheath.

A strong protective coating promotes healthy nerve function and helps transmit signals the way they were meant to. Best of all, Spirulina is a potent natural source of B-vitamins, not the synthetic chemical form found in many supplements.

Step 4: Help Neutralize Oxidative Stress Damage with Alpha Lipoic Acid

Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) has been used for years to support nerve health because ALA is both fat soluble and water soluble – allowing it to move freely in and out of the nerves and help with irritating free-radical damage.

ALA has been used in European countries for years, and it’s been shown to help with numbness, burning, and other nerve-related discomfort in several double-blind, placebo controlled studies (the gold standard of scientific research).
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Why Do Liquid Formulations
Outpreform Capsules In Every Category?
Our proprietary, industry-leading multistage liquid tincture process, macerates, brews and extracts herbs according to their unique characteristics to ensure potency.

The problem with most liver supplements on the market is that they use the inferior pill form. Our potent liquid formula is carefully designed to absorb quickly and get our targeted herbals into the body.

The Physician’s Desk Reference states that 85-90 percent of nutrients in liquid supplements may be absorbed in as little as 22-30 seconds. The Physician's Desk Reference also states that pills are absorbed at a much lower rate, with possibly ONLY 10-20 percent absorption of capsules!1,2

Capsules often contain “binding agents" that keep the pill ingredients together, which may prevent the pill from breaking down completely. Not only may capsules absorb slowly, they have been shown in some instances, such as the state of New York, to not contain what is marketed on the label!

Liquids have been shown time and time again to absorb faster and more efficiently than capsules.

1. Physician’s Desk Reference (page 1542, #49).
2. PH Bennett, S Haffner, BL Kasiske, WF Keane, CE, National Advisory Board, - Am J Kidney Dis, 1995. Revue/Journal Title “The effects of slugging and recompression on pharmaceutical excipients’ International Journal of Pharmaceutics ISSN 0378-5173 CODEN IJPHDE Source/Source 1995, vol. 115, no1, pp. 35-43 (9 ref.).

Down to the Last Drop Guarantee
Makes Your Order 100% Risk Free

We are so confident in our product we offer a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your results then simply return your bottle(s), used or unused, and you will be refunded in full (minus shipping costs).

We can successfully offer this honor-system refund policy because we know our product works and we believe in trusting our customers to be honest about their experiences. Even with this policy we have less than a 2% refund rate!

Try Sobrenix and find out what thousands already know. That it is possible to get fast, effective, natural support without harmful medication.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Frequently Asked Questions | Rejuvica Health

Nervestra is a complex remedy that provides your body with all the nutrients it needs to support healthy nerves and help relieve the symptoms of declining nerve health. Each ingredient was carefully chosen to address all the causes of nerve discomfort and symptoms that follow.

Yes, Nervestra contains several advanced ingredients which are completely natural and safe, but always consult your doctor when adding anything to your health regimen.

Nervestra can be used as a daily nutritional supplement for those struggling with cravings, and because there is no quick fix to such a complicated problem, we recommend our customers add it to their daily health regimen to get the most out of it.

With regular use, most of our customers are satisfied with Nervestra in the first week or two (some sooner!) with continued, gradual improvements thereafter.

Our formula is a potent all-natural supplement with no known side effects. We take pride in ensuring we only use natural ingredients that have been inspected and combined in an GMP compliant manufacturing facility.

Yes. Nervestra comes with a no-questions-asked money back guarantee. Due to the nature of cravings, we recommend our customers use Nervestra for at least a month before deciding upon its effectiveness. Nevertheless, if you’re unhappy with your progress, simply ship the product back to us and we’ll refund your purchase in full.

Nervestra is a truly advanced product that combines several potent ingredients backed by scientific research. Best of all, we use a cold-extraction process to refine the most potent, bioavailable form of these ingredients possible. Then, we filter them into a liquid formula for maximum absorption.

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