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"Our Expert Herbalist Shares How to Make his ‘Deep Scrubbing’ Liver Cleanser at Home”

Your liver is that hard working 3 pound, football-shaped organ that sits in your rib cage and filters your blood 24/7/365. The body relies on a nonstop supply of enough fresh, filtered, toxin-free blood from your liver just to keep you alive and that’s pretty darn important, but...

In addition to staying alive you need your liver performing at it’s best in order to feel good and enjoy your life! Here’s a list of just a few of the nasty things you might feel if your Liver isn’t working at 100%:

Common Symptoms of an Unhealthy Liver(1)

  • Abdominal pain/swelling
  • Nausea/Vomiting
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Itchy skin
  • Dark urine
  • Loss of appetite
  • Easy bruising
  • Pale, bloody, or tar-colored stool

This list should show you that the Liver isn’t just some organ you ignore if it isn’t giving you too much need to be proactive about supporting your Liver if you want to experience bountiful energy and rich vibrant health…

That’s why I am going to share with you a snap-your-fingers-simple Liver Cleansing Super Tincture you can make at home to cleanse your liver, lessen toxicity, and teach you just how important your liver is to feeling REALLY GOOD.

For those of you that want the best possible cleanse on the market or who don’t feel like dirtying up their kitchen for a couple days with raw plants and herbs I would recommend you jump over and check out Vitaliver. You can check Vitaliver out on Amazon by clicking here and reading the reviews that are so good they are almost hard to believe (I assure you the reviews are 100% real check out to see for yourself. This liver cleanse is just that good) or if you want to get an even better deal click this link right here and use Drop15 at checkout to get the lowest price possible on Vitaliver. Vitaliver is regularly ranked as the number 1 selling and reviewed liquid liver cleanse in America. Either place you go, you will get 24/7 customer support and a no questions asked money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose. Anyway...

Now that we’ve gone over the easy way to cleanse, we are going to talk about the steps to make your own cleanse at home. This recipe is a gift to you from Rejuvica Health's team of herbal experts. You only have to try it for a couple days to know IT WORKS. (note: all of these ingredients are contained in Vitaliver’s top selling formula).

Before we get to the recipe let’s take a few seconds to go over the research backing up our choice of all star liver cleansing herbs:

Milk Thistle: This is one of the oldest, best studied herbs for liver health with hundreds of studies backing up its effectiveness. In fact, if you’re looking at a liver support supplement that doesn’t have Milk Thistle, you can safely assume it’s junk. Milk Thistle works, and it works well(2).


Dandelion: In short, the liver helps create bile, and bile breaks down fats into fatty acids and whisks away waste products to keep digestion moving smoothly. Well, the cofactors in dandelion help stimulate bile production to help cleanse your liver. Dandelion can be a godsend for a weak liver(3).


Artichoke: The secret to artichoke is likely its cofactor called cynarin - which helps stimulate bile production so you can better digest fats and absorb vitamins from foods. Then there’s another antioxidant cofactor caffeoylquinic acid that binds with nasty waste products and cleanse them from your system. These make artichoke a must-have for an optimal liver cleanse(4). 


Okay now that you know why our experts used the herbs they did in this formula, let’s talk about how to make it:

Here’s how to make your very own Homemade, Detoxifying Powerhouse ‘Liver Cleansing Elixir’ in 8 fairly simple steps:

Step 1: Fill half of the mason jar with the dried Milk Thistle, Artichoke, and Dandelion. You can also include Angelica if you want to make it EVEN better.

Step 2: Start by pouring some boiling water on the herbs to dampen them. This will start to release beneficial chemicals and alkaloids. (how many cups? How much water?)

Step 3: Fill the rest of the jar with Food Grade Vegetable Glycerin and stir. (source amazon affiliate link, link to vegetable glycerin)

Step 4: Place lid on the mason jar and screw closed tightly.

Step 5: Place washcloth or silicone baking mat in the bottom of a large boiling pot on low. (So the jar won’t break) Put enough water in the pot to cover about 3/4ths of the jar. Don’t cover the lid of the pot!

Step 6: Keep in pot on low for at least 6-24 hours. The longer the better. Make sure to check regularly, and don’t let the water boil!

Step 7: Let the mason jar sit in a cool dry place for 24 hours before opening and straining herbs with a cheesecloth. The liquid you have now is called “menstrum” and is a highly potent liquid tincture.

Step 8: Consume 1/4th teaspoon every day and enjoy the benefits.

This tincture should last around 2 years if done properly. Store in a cool, dry place.

Well, there you have it. Three superstar ingredients in an easy to follow recipe that’ll help cleanse your liver have you feeling less toxic than ever. So get started on that homemade recipe right now or if you want to save time grab a bottle of vitaliver on or at rejuvica (use code DROP15)

Check out Vitalivers reviews on to see the kind of results you can expect.

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That’s all for now.

To your health,

 -Chris Ford - Director of Health Research

P.S. Share your experience with liver cleansing in the comments - we want to hear it!